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Chaniya Choli

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₹ 2,520.00 ₹ 1,008.00

Handmade Green And Black Chaniya Choli

This Chaniya Choli’s colour says your mood and reflects your personality, so we create all the shades for enhancing your beauty. The true mystery of excellent fashion and design is revealed with this exotic collection.
₹ 2,520.00 ₹ 1,008.00

Handmade Orange And Black Cotton Chaniya Choli

Embroidery techniques are socio-economic & community based in Gujarat well known for its unique combination & immense variety of patterns, stitches, cotton & silk threads, shapes and colours and looks apart from each other. Embroidery patterns: Soof | Kharek | Neran | Ahir | Jat | Rabari | Mutwa